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Industrial tablet PC is widely used in factory MES system E-SOP


Industrial tablet PC is widely used in factory MES system E-SOP

In the Industry 4.0 environment, the factory MES system is a targeted solution to the series of problems encountered by traditional production manufacturers. Customized E-SOP system solutions for professional production line sound measurement, intelligent industrial production methods, one-time investment, long-term repeated use, no consumables, truly paperless office, systematic management. Reduce costs for enterprises, maximize profits and improve corporate image, and the speed of line change is increased by 100%.

 Industrial tablet PC

In practice, the E-SOP system solution is a set of information systems that digitize work instructions, manage and centrally control, revise and replace version control, issue and recycle electronically and automate. It can establish the corresponding process flow according to the product production process, configure the instruction book for the corresponding process, and automatically push the electronic instruction book to the corresponding station display terminal according to the production situation. The Android platform industrial tablet PC produced by Qianhai Gaole solves the E-SOP terminal problem. Its multi-point capacitive touch, integrating a series of functional applications such as face recognition, RFID and 2D/3D scanning, combined with the recording, identification and comparison functions of the MES system, realizes the automatic production and line change of the production line.

The E-SOP system solution improves the operation efficiency and effect of the enterprise. Since SOP itself is also the product of continuous summarization, optimization and improvement in practical operation, the common wisdom of many people has been accumulated in this process. The enterprise improves the overall operation efficiency by improving the efficiency of each station through the E-SOP system. For competing companies with the same conditions, differentiation is often not in hardware, but in software. The differentiation of E-SOP system solutions lies in the ability to quantify the details. Therefore, it also has a very good role in promoting the operation effect of the enterprise.

Higole F21APL is a 21-inch industrial panel computer with multi-point capacitive touch. It is equipped with an Intel platform low-power processor, and an optional processor for working conditions requiring high computing power. Qianhai Gaole Industrial Panel PC provides multiple serial ports and USB communication, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports support internal and external network communication, and optional modules such as face recognition, RFID and 2D/3D scanning.