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The difference between industrial tablet computer and industrial computer hardware


The difference between industrial tablet computer and industrial computer hardware

Since the industrial computer entered the Chinese mainland market in the 1990s, it has been nearly 30 years. With the continuous deepening of socialized information, industry and daily life also rely more and more on industrial computer, and IPC-based low Cost industrial control automation is becoming the mainstream. The application of embedded industrial computer and fanless industrial panel computer is becoming more and more extensive. As the leader of the industrial control industry, embedded industrial panel computer is more and more sought after by everyone, then the embedded industry What is the difference between a tablet computer and a traditional industrial computer?

Higole Industrial Tablet PC

First of all, the structure of the industrial computer is different. The traditional industrial computer uses a combination of 4U and other types of cold-rolled plate chassis + gold finger motherboard + bottom plate + high-power power supply. Such a structure will have some unstable factors:

(1) Need to connect some ATX signal lines between the backplane and the CPU card;

(2) If the CPU card is inserted into the bottom board, there will be poor contact, such as vibration, looseness during transportation, oxidation of the golden finger, etc., which will cause it to fail to boot;

(3) The structure of CPU card + backplane will bring troubles to installation, affect work efficiency, and is not conducive to a large amount of installation work;

(4) The power consumption of the power supply is too large, and the power supply needs a fan to dissipate heat. When the fan fails, the power supply and the motherboard will be damaged;

(5) The CPU card is powered by the backplane. When there is a problem with the backplane, the CPU card will not be able to supply power normally, resulting in system instability;

(6) The CPU is an external plug-in (PGA package) mode, and there are hidden dangers in connection, and a fan is required to dissipate heat. The connection between the fan and the CPU and the service life are the biggest safety hazards.

Features of Higole Industrial Tablet PC: Adopting the international mainstream Intel/Android/Kirin processor design, high-strength anti-drop and wear-resistant plastic body, high-end compression molding process, exquisite and beautiful appearance; all solid-state capacitors, stable and durable, extended The life of the terminal; the ultra-micro body mini host, exquisite and compact, can be carried with you, does not occupy space, and saves resources; the whole body has no fan heat dissipation design, no noise and fast heat dissipation, ultra-low power consumption, long-term uninterrupted operation is still stable , Powerful performance, real energy saving and environmental protection, can meet industrial needs, can be used in high-end office, personal home, factory intelligent control, outdoor sports, industrial control and other application scenarios.