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Industrial Panel PC Vehicle Application Requirements


Industrial Panel PC Vehicle Application Requirements

Industrial tablet PCs provide data support for vehicles, integrating vehicle body information, operator operation records, and media playback. The following requirements need to be met in the automotive application of industrial tablet computers: Qianhai Gaole makes the following brief analysis according to its own products.

Industrial Panel PC Vehicle

1.Convenient installation and maintenance: Considering that various vehicles have different environments, and the coverage is very large, the participating users are also very complicated. Therefore, under certain conditions, the industrial panel computer needs to be suitable for various sites as much as possible. Such as support vehicle VESA75/100 standard, support RAM bracket and so on.

2.Anti-vibration requirements: No matter any vehicle has vibration, there are high acceleration and large amplitude, and low acceleration and small amplitude according to the object of use.

3. Display requirements: Since the vehicle is used outdoors, it is unavoidable that the sunlight is polarized or even directly exposed to the environment. It is necessary to minimize the impact of this situation by selecting high-quality display or structural design.

4. Power performance: The on-board computer generally draws power directly from the on-board battery. Due to the different use states of various batteries and the instantaneous impact of ignition and flameout, the power requirements for the equipment used are very high. Otherwise, it is very easy to damage the equipment.

5. Wide temperature requirements: Most of my country is located in subtropical and temperate regions, with a vast territory, and the temperature environment of vehicles is extreme, from -30 to 70 degrees Celsius, which is a test for industrial tablet computers.

6. Electromagnetic interference: It is impossible to use only one electrical device for special vehicles, especially police and medical vehicles. Unqualified electromagnetic radiation will cause serious interference to other equipment, such as digital radio, medical high-precision sign monitoring, etc.

7. Heat dissipation of the whole machine: Due to the wind, sand and dust, the fan configuration is generally not recommended for vehicle-mounted machines. It is required to be fully sealed and no additional heat dissipation holes are required to meet the heat dissipation conditions. Qianhai Gaole dissipates heat through the design of a heat-conducting plate, which is the basic operation of a fanless tablet.

8. IP specification: According to different operating environments, the damage of rain and dust is unavoidable. Reaching or reaching a certain IP level is a necessary condition for a qualified vehicle-mounted tablet computer. Generally, the shockproof requirement of a car-grade tablet is IP65, and the protection class of Qianhai Gaole’s vehicle-mounted tablet is IP67, mainly for some special market needs.

Nine, function keys: with function keys, in the unstable car environment, can bring great convenience and improve the efficiency of use. This point is not available in Qianhai Gaole. Mainly, our products are equipped with touch screen control. Wearing gloves, water or oil on the screen will not affect the touch operation of fingers. In addition, handwriting stylus can be used.