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Development Trend of Industrial Handheld PAD Terminals


Development Trend of Industrial Handheld PAD Terminals

As an emerging sub-market of handheld industrial PAD, the handheld terminal handheld industrial PAD market is a very challenging market with high threshold, narrow space and strong market diversity. It's not easy to do well. However, due to the characteristics that the reliability and stability indicators of products are not easy to identify, the market has appeared the phenomenon of uneven quality and vicious competition. How to rely on market power to cultivate and create a national industrial brand that can go global while satisfying quality is the future development trend of industrial handheld PAD terminals.

Industrial Handheld PAD

Logistics Express. It can be used to collect data from waybills, shipping and warehouses. Scan the barcode of the express mail through the handheld terminal, and the waybill information can be directly transmitted to the background server through the 3G module. At the same time, functions such as query of relevant business information can be realized.

Logistics. Typical are tobacco distribution, warehouse inventory and postal distribution. Handheld terminals worth developing are terminal distribution by major commodity manufacturers, pharmaceutical distribution, intra-factory logistics in large factories, and warehouse-to-warehouse transportation by logistics companies.

Data collection for chain stores/stores/counters. It is used for the collection and transfer of data such as store entry, sales, storage, disk, transfer, extraction, subscription and membership management. It also enables inventory store inventory.

Shoes and clothing ordering sessions. Wireless ordering conference for the footwear and apparel industry. Based on WIFI wireless communication technology, the barcode is scanned through the PDA handheld terminal, and the order is placed on the spot, and the order data is wirelessly transmitted to the background ordering conference system. At the same time, it can realize query, statistics and analysis functions.

Card management. It is used to manage various integrated circuit cards and contactless integrated circuit cards, such as ID cards, membership cards, etc. As the name implies, card management is to manage various contact/contactless integrated circuit cards, so the main extended function of the scanning gun it uses is to read and write contact/contactless integrated circuit cards. Bill management. It is used for data collection of ticket checking units such as movie tickets, train tickets, and scenic spot tickets.

Three meter readings. This is a relatively large-capacity market for the foreseeable future. The extended functions integrated by the three-meter meter reading machine mainly include power infrared, barcode scanning and data communication.

Mobile government, mobile policing. The slogan of strengthening the police with science and technology is no longer just a slogan. The technical content of police equipment is also getting higher and higher. In particular, traffic police, patrol police and criminal police have also begun to be equipped with mobile data equipment. Powerful tool. In addition to the police, administrative departments such as health, city management, and taxation have also begun to try to use handheld terminals to standardize administrative services and improve administrative efficiency. The functions of the mobile police handheld terminal mainly include GPRS/CDMA data, voice communication, and IC card reading and writing. Fingerprint collection and comparison may be required in the future.

Forestry data collection. PDA has been applied to field investigation and data collection with good results. The first- and second-class forest resources survey and land acquisition planning and design have greatly improved the accuracy and efficiency of the survey and design. The application of PDA in forest resources survey can be divided into two parts, one is to carry out in-situ tracking survey combined with built-in or external GPS, and the other is to collect and record data.