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The Importance of Industrial Panel PCs in Air Quality Monitoring of Port Logistics Activities


The Importance of Industrial Panel PCs in Air Quality Monitoring of Port Logistics Activities

    Maritime transportation plays an increasingly important role in world trade, and it is also the transportation method with the largest total volume of trade in all regions of the world. The goods transported by sea will eventually return to the ground. This first stop needs to pass through various ports. Transshipment and dispersion, but the environmental impact of maritime transport is not well known. The Importance of Industrial Panel PCs in Air Quality Monitoring of Port Logistics Activities.

Industrial Panel PCs

    The dynamic nature of maritime transport itself determines its environmental pollution situation: air pollution. Compared with other modes of transportation, such as the fastest air transportation, the carbon dioxide emissions of container ships are much lower than that of air transportation, but because of the huge overall volume of maritime transportation, in terms of total, the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions Very big. Recent studies have also shown that in addition to carbon dioxide, marine transportation will also produce a large amount of sulfur carcinogens, which directly affects human health. At the same time, when the port is carrying out some logistics operations, there will also be some operations that affect the local environment. , which is an urgent need for improvement in optimizing port management.

    Through the preliminary research on the port operation and the pollution emission from the marine transportation, we initially put forward a plan idea for the monitoring and control of the air environment quality of the port. The environmental indicators of the port site are extracted through various sensors, transmitted to the industrial computer for background calculation, and then output to the industrial tablet computer interface. Customers can use the application program on the industrial tablet computer interface to monitor the air pollution at a given location in real time. Harmful chemicals that pollute the air. The app compares contamination levels to standards and issues notifications when they are exceeded.

It can also predict the diffusion of monitored compounds in case of alarms, and the solution is fully scalable and flexible for the same application scenarios.

     In addition, the issue of pollution emissions from port activities is also one of the important criteria for continuous monitoring and evaluation of transportation operations. The data sent by the sensors back to the background processing of the industrial computer is designed to monitor the concentration patterns of three compounds (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and phosphine). . On industrial tablet computers or other terminals, users can directly see the data collected from various sensors and the processed report information. For port management, there will be many changes in environmental quality at different times of the day. Therefore, what is needed for monitoring the environmental quality of the port is a real-time change trend and online management.