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Android industrial tablet computer flash screen blue screen reasons


Android industrial tablet computer flash screen blue screen reasons

The popularization of industrial tablets is getting higher and higher. Due to the differences in product quality and operator technology, many users have appeared in the inner screen blue screen for a long time when operating the use of Android industrial tablets, but I do n’t know why. I asked my technicians of Qianhai Gaole. The reason for the Blue screen of Android industrial tablet computer flashes is generally tested.

1. Power adapter

In order to save costs, some suppliers use low -end and unqualified products to customers with low -end unqualified products for customers. This product can easily cause problems such as insufficient power supply. Although most of the industrial tablets are low -power products, it is used for a long time, and the wires are aging quickly. Unqualified adapters are prone to problems. The power adapter equipped with Android industrial tablet computer manufacturers is generally a stable input power supply of 12V, which has a relatively low failure rate of this adapter.

Second, external line voltage

When using Android industrial tablets, the external line voltage is 220V, which is easy to reduce to 200V or increase to 240V. It may cause flash screens for Android industrial tablets. The unstable voltage is fatal for any electrical equipment. Therefore, a qualified adapter needs to have a stabilization function.

3. Battery radiation information interference

Android industrial tablets are also electronic products. In order to save costs, the manufacturers of some Android industrial tablets do not meet the thickness of the industrial tablet, which can easily cause signal interference caused by battery radiation. And the electromagnetic electromagnetic, etc. of the external equipment environment can also cause the tablet instability.

Fourth, the internal wire screen is loose

The current Android industrial tablet is rarely designed for 100%wireless cable. Some Android industrial tablets do not go through the horizontal drop test, and the lines and screens arranged in it are easy to loosen and fall off when the operating vibration. Therefore, there must be strict product testing for industrial tablets to meet the requirements. Manufacturers need to provide national recognition testing certificates.

5. Screen hardware problem

When buying Android industrial tablets, some customers need to provide suppliers to provide the cheapest screen for their own costs. These screens use problems such as faults of easy aging in a long time. Especially many second -hand screens, basically there is no life span and it is easy to damage, but the problem with the problem of this screen is generally difficult to distinguish it. It is still that the price is not a good product.

6. Poor memory in memory

In the memory of the Android industrial tablet, some manufacturers use slot -type memory and the fan system heat dissipation method. This is easy to get ash and golden finger oxidation, resulting in poor internal contact. Therefore, the current industrial tablets need to have a certain protective level, dustproof and water -proof and anti -falling function, so as to improve the life and stability of the product.

There are many reasons for flash screens in industrial tablets, and specific problems should be analyzed. If there are problems such as flash screens or blue screens on Android industrial tablets, there is no way to solve it yourself, please contact your own product supplier. They will generally give you a solution. As an old -fashioned industrial tablet manufacturer for more than 10 years, Qianhai Gaole can provide customers with solution custom services.