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Embedded industrial tablet computer solutions for medical intelligent monitors


Embedded industrial tablet computer solutions for medical intelligent monitors

As a national infrastructure construction, under the background of the rapid development of information technology, as people pay more attention to and invest in their own health, building an intelligent, convenient, accurate and safe medical service process and model has become the consensus of the medical industry. The construction of a smart medical system came into being.As a country with a large population in the world,China has a large population base and increasing social aging. People's monitoring requirements for critically ill and potentially dangerous patients are continuously increasing. Artificial intelligence is used to further improve the accuracy, real-time, and safety of medical monitoring, which will reduce medical care. The burden helps a lot.Embedded industrial tablet computer solutions for medical intelligent monitors。

Embedded industrial tablet computer

Smart monitors, as important equipment of smart medical infrastructure, play an important role in medical monitoring, display, and control. It uses the most advanced Internet of Things technology (artificial intelligence, sensor technology, etc.), according to the different application scenarios of the monitor, to achieve 24-hour continuous and uninterrupted monitoring of the physiological characteristics of the human body, track and capture the patient's clinically valuable dynamic change data and Automatic storage provides a source of information for the medical expert team to conduct multi-level and multi-angle analysis and judgment.

Based on the intelligent and multi-purpose functions of the intelligent monitor, it needs the corresponding system embedded computer product to have strong compatibility and adaptability to complex environments, so that it can effectively shield electromagnetic signal interference and ensure the accuracy and analysis of monitoring data Effectiveness. In addition, it must have excellent data calculation and data analysis capabilities, so that it can set medical data parameters to alert the doctor to the patient's deterioration in real time, so as to achieve the purpose of medical monitoring.

Medical monitor is the main equipment used by doctors to measure and control the physiological parameters of patients during emergency treatment and diagnosis and treatment. It has the function of monitoring and early warning. It is one of the most demanded medical devices in hospitals. Monitors are generally composed of embedded computer hardware and other microcontrollers, etc. There are different instrument classifications according to different monitoring parameters and functions.

The monitors commonly used in hospitals at this stage include ECG monitors, vital signs monitors, multi-parameter monitors, central monitoring systems, and portable monitors. With reference to their work characteristics, Higole summarized the following technical requirements:

1. The monitor needs to continuously monitor the physiological parameters of the patient for 24 hours, and give an alarm display or record, so the stability, heat dissipation and instant response ability of the embedded system are stringent.

2. The monitor needs a variety of interfaces to connect different sensors to achieve the purpose of prolonging the life cycle, and in order to ensure the normal use of the equipment, the relevant embedded equipment must be easy to disassemble and install, so that maintenance personnel can perform regular maintenance.

3. The monitor must have powerful data detection, information analysis and image processing technologies to ensure accurate and immediate collection and feedback of the patient's relevant physiological parameters.

Higole believes that the intelligent upgrade of medical monitors is inevitable to cater to the development of the medical era. In this process, based on its various intelligent application requirements, powerful embedded computer hardware must provide platform support for it.