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11.6-inch embedded industrial tablet pc smart medicine cabinet application


11.6-inch embedded industrial tablet pc smart medicine cabinet application

The application of smart medicine cabinets in the refined management of medicines in primary hospitals is reflected in the functional systems of smart medicine cabinets, which mainly include login system, query system, medicine dosing system, medicine taking system and exit system, etc., and hospital information system, pharmacy drug store system, The medical benefit nursing information system is connected, and the intelligent medicine cabinets are distributed in each clinical ward. The pharmacist and the head nurse of the ward realize the screening and storage of medicines, the expiry date and inventory management of medicines, and the medicines through the query system and the dosing system. Into the warehouse, storage conditions control, etc., nurses take medicine from the smart medicine cabinet through the login system, query system, medicine withdrawal system and exit system, etc., which realizes the safe storage of medicines in the ward, automatic adjustment and information management of the validity period of the inventory, etc. , And can accurately track the taking records of medicines. After using the smart medicine cabinet, the difference rate of the stock inventory of the medicine in the ward, the compliance rate of the account, and the data change of the qualification rate of special medicine management indicators are better than those during the period of using the ordinary medicine cabinet.11.6-inch embedded industrial tablet pc smart medicine cabinet application.

embedded industrial tablet pc

Higole cooperated with a large medical equipment manufacturer to carefully design and manufacture the embedded 11.6-inch industrial tablet computer developed by the special medicine management cabinet in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health on the management of special medicines in hospitals. This medicine management cabinet adopts a combination of fingerprint lock and NFC card swiping, double double locks and double openings to ensure safety; with access control abnormal alarm, with camera

The camera can take pictures in real time; through the embedded industrial tablet computer system, seamlessly docking with the hospital HIS system, touch screen operation, synchronous reception of prescription information, storage of information management; all-in-one solution, highly integrated dispensing management and clinical information data Cooperate with interactive systems to improve the work efficiency of medical staff, ensure data accuracy, strictly control special drugs, improve the level of intelligence of medical equipment, and realize a modern medical system.

Higole F12 APL11.6-inch embedded industrial panel computer is highly integrated, high stability, noiseless, waterproof, dustproof, low power consumption, fast heat dissipation, saving equipment space, improving equipment integrity and convenient operation: the front panel supports IP65 protection , High-grade dust-proof and waterproof design, embedded installation; Intel low-power CPU, fanless design, long-term stable operation. Maintain stable and uninterrupted operation for 24 hours in harsh environments. 1920*1200 brightness display, equipped with a highly sensitive 10-point touch capacitive screen, with a touch life of up to 35 million times; the normal shutdown function after an abnormal power failure ensures the long-term stable operation of the operating system; the data transmission interface strictly complies with the industrial standard and adopts tight Solid plug-in; rich I/0 interface connection; strong anti-interference and filtering function; low-power operation of the whole machine, long-term energy saving and environmental protection. According to the plan, a series of tests such as ESD, temperature and humidity, high-altitude drop, dustproof and waterproof, vibration, impact and accelerated life aging are carried out to ensure the long-term, high-efficiency, stable and continuous work of Higole embedded industrial tablet computer to meet the actual requirements. Application requirements.