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Intelligent parking system industrial integrated machine


Intelligent parking system industrial integrated machine

Today, with the development of big data and AI technology, smart parking is more about digital operations, making refined statistics and utilization of parking spaces, travel destinations, charging standards, parking time, etc., forming an invisible big network, from driving out Come home to the warehouse and solve all your worries. The smart parking system is based on road traffic carrying capacity, regional functional requirements and comprehensive traffic development strategies, planning and configuring parking facilities by region and time period, and reasonably determining the parking scale; Analysis, based on the urban transportation development strategy, adhere to the differentiated supply strategy.

 industrial integrated machine

Smart parking refers to the comprehensive application of wireless communication technology, mobile terminal technology, GPS positioning technology, GIS technology, etc. to the collection, management, query, reservation and navigation services of urban parking spaces to realize real-time update, query, reservation and navigation of parking space resources. The integration of navigation services strives to maximize the utilization of parking space resources, maximize the profit of the parking lot and optimize the parking service for car owners.

Different levels have different requirements for smart parking: the parking space level is for intelligent management of parking and billing; the garage level does not require manual time charging, for vehicle identification and warehousing guidance, real-time display of parking spaces in the parking lot, and more. The large parking management system is connected; the city level is the centralized deployment of urban parking lot resources, the city's parking network is integrated, parking lot search, reservation, navigation and payment are integrated.

The application of Higole embedded industrial integrated machine in the intelligent parking system mainly reflects the intelligent hardware, which belongs to the warehouse level. It organically combines machinery, electronic computers, automatic control equipment and intelligent IC card technology. It can realize vehicle image comparison, automatic identification, automatic charging, automatic data storage and other functions.

Seamless pure flat panel, IP65 waterproof and dustproof grade, industrial control LCD screen, colorful, working temperature -10℃-60℃, can meet the needs of outdoor parking lot working environment. Whether it is an Android system or a Windows system, its powerful data storage and analysis capabilities can monitor and manage the parking lot inwards, connect city-level parking management outwards, and connect with the entire parking management system to optimize resources. Qianhai Gaole can meet the personalized customization, and can add different modules, such as RFID card reader, infrared sensor head, camera, photosensitive lamp, etc., to meet the needs of various parking environments.

The IC card intelligent parking lot charging management system is a general term for the modern parking lot vehicle charging and equipment automation management. The system is to set up management robots at the entrance and exit of the parking lot to meet a variety of practical application needs: Set up high-definition cameras to improve traffic efficiency and user experience; high-precision license plate recognition system + cloud platform monitoring, 24-hour unattended guard booths, reducing labor costs; support Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay and other online payment channels as well as background payment, online payment Online payment; centralized monitoring, remote management, yard monitoring and real-time control of vehicle information through mobile phones and computers; support for personalized business management to meet the needs of parking management in commercial plazas, supermarkets, hotels, etc.; through the big data analysis system, automatically generate Detailed operating reports provide decision-making support for vehicle scene operations.