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Rugged tablet computer solution for vehicle industry in automated agriculture


Rugged tablet computer solution for vehicle industry in automated agriculture

At present, the domestic agricultural farming automatic driving system uses satellite positioning, mechanical control, inertial navigation and other technologies, and adopts an advanced torque motor solution, so that the agricultural machinery can automatically adjust the travel direction according to the planned route, and the operation accuracy can reach ±2.5cm. It can be applied to various agricultural operations such as ditching, raking, sowing, ridges, fertilization, spraying, harvesting, and rice transplanting, laying the foundation for the development of precision agriculture and pointing out the direction.Rugged tablet computer solution for vehicle industry in automated agriculture.

Rugged tablet computer

This design system mainly uses an industrial three-proof tablet computer. Due to the extremely harsh environment of agricultural production, wind, rain, low-frequency vibration, and low knowledge level of the users, the system requires this industrial three-proof tablet computer to pass strict requirements. Harsh environmental tests, the whole machine must reach IP67 or above, and can run stably in harsh terrain, rain and temperature environments, due to the vibration of the working machine, this industrial three-proof tablet computer is required to have an aviation interface, and strict wiring harness management is required to facilitate During the actual installation process, the customer can perforate and route the wire, which can be well connected to the body sensor and positioning system, providing an intelligent solution for agricultural production.

In the process of social transformation from agriculturalization to industrialization, fewer and fewer people are engaged in agricultural production, but based on population expansion, it is the responsibility of society to ensure food security in agricultural production. With the rapid development of science and technology today, as far as agricultural production activities are concerned, the demands for automatic driving, automatic spraying, automatic tillage, and automatic picking are becoming more and more obvious. Unmanned precision agriculture simplifies many problems. With the help of modern industrial three-proof tablet computer and intelligent control technology supported by precise Beidou positioning system, high-precision operation and efficient system planning and scheduling are realized. Precise unmanned and refined management upgrades provide advanced technical support, and these are also the direction of future agricultural production and agricultural management.