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Handheld Industrial Tablet PC Drone Control Application


Handheld Industrial Tablet PC Drone Control Application

drone. With the development of high and new technologies such as computers, artificial intelligence, and automatic driving, UAVs have developed into platforms that can be used for reconnaissance, electronic interference, and evaluation of battlefield target damage effects. Due to the particularity of the application environment of UAVs, higher requirements are also put forward for computer equipment related to its operation, detection, and research and development. Changeable scene environment, complex regional environment, unpredictable emergencies, these are all ordinary computer equipment can not deal with. These products have comprehensively surpassed international similar products in terms of system calculation, system structure, system security, system reinforcement and high-reliability materials. All in one, all indicators meet or exceed my country's military standards, and can easily cope with applications in various harsh and complex environments.

Handheld Industrial Tablet PC

The unmanned aerial equipment is the trend of future development. In this cutting-edge field, it is necessary to have development capabilities, and there is no way to learn from these. It can only rely on independence and self-reliance. Therefore, the research and development of UAVs has attracted much attention for a long time. Like the development process of most classified technologies, the research and development of UAVs is generally carried out in harsh environments to test whether the UAVs have the ability to withstand extreme environments. As an indispensable computer equipment in the R&D equipment system, it also has to withstand the test of the harsh R&D environment, and the ruggedized portable computer is undoubtedly the best choice for R&D personnel.

The large-scale intelligent system that combines geographic information system and artificial intelligence is the more popular UAV technology now, and for UAV, the UAV ground station, as the command and control center in the UAV system, needs to be in the process of performing the task. Realize various functions related to mission planning, mission execution, performance evaluation, etc. The development of UAV ground station technology will promote the overall development of UAV technology and improve the mission capability of UAV systems

In the field of ruggedized computers, the applications of ruggedized tablet PCs and ruggedized handheld products are relatively mature, while tablet PCs with functions in between are increasingly used due to their small size and strong computing and expansion performance. favored by field workers.

With the increasing demand of users in special industries for the use of ruggedized computer products, more and more ruggedized tablet computer products have entered the attention of the general public. This is also a good direction. Medical, food, desert wind power, and offshore wind power can all be listed as service areas. "Mine applications and civil air defense applications (including emergency rescue, infrastructure, and early warning facilities) will be the two emerging markets with greater growth in ruggedized computers in the past two years