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Design of intelligent cash register scale system of industrial tablet computer


Design of intelligent cash register scale system of industrial tablet computer

With the development of the retail industry, community chain stores of agricultural and vegetable products have gradually emerged, which has greatly solved the problem of "agricultural-supermarket connection". However, the current sales of agricultural and vegetable product stores still use the method of weighing with a pricing scale, and then using a computer-based cash register system to check out. This method has low peripheral integration, high cost, and low settlement efficiency, making it difficult to meet the needs of agricultural and vegetable franchise stores. Its main operation method relies on the operation of the mouse and keyboard, and the human-computer interaction experience is backward. Some systems use touch screens, but due to the insufficient support of Windows or Android systems for touch, the touch operation experience is very poor, and it is difficult to meet the trend of higher and higher requirements for human-computer interaction.

industrial tablet computer

Based on the company's industrial tablet computer all-in-one machine, Qianhai Gaole has designed a cash register scale system that integrates functions such as commodity weighing, barcode scanning, membership card system, receipt printing, cash drawer, and uninterruptible power supply. The system uses Android (Windows) Tablet PC, as a host computer and interactive device, provides a good interactive experience, and can be connected through a wireless network to achieve convenient networked sales and storage management. The system mainly includes a weighing system, a main control system, a battery management system, and an Android tablet that acts as a host computer. The weighing system uses the optimized sliding filter algorithm to process the weighing data, and obtains accurate and stable weighing results; the main control system is based on connecting various peripherals through the serial port, and uses the multi-level send/receive buffer mechanism and DMA function to achieve Fast and accurate data transmission and processing; the Android tablet communicates with the main control system through the serial port, providing a good interactive experience and management functions.

Higole has designed the hardware circuit and software of the system based on the company's industrial tablet computer all-in-one solution. After the debugging is completed, the partial functions and overall functions of the system are tested, and the test results are in line with the expected results. The system product is produced and has been delivered to customers. The system has the advantages of high peripheral integration, rich functions, good operating experience and high reliability, and has great use value and good market prospects.