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What tests need to pass before an industrial panel PC leaves the factory?


What tests need to pass before an industrial panel PC leaves the factory?

The reason why an industrial computer is called an industrial computer is that it can meet the application requirements of industrial sites in harsh environments, such as dustproof, waterproof, antistatic, width, wide voltage and other issues. Industrial tablet computers are also different from ordinary computers, mainly due to the different use environments and required performance. Ordinary computers can require high running speed, while industrial tablet computers require the stability of performance under the premise of running speed. As a manufacturer of industrial tablet computers, every time we provide customers with reliable industrial tablet computers, what is this based on? What tests do industrial tablet PCs need to pass to be considered qualified?

1: Installation specification production:

In the process of industrial tablet computer installation production line, it is necessary to strictly control each link of production. This requires that industrial tablet computer manufacturers must have standardized production workshops in order to strictly control the production process.

2: IP industrial grade dustproof and waterproof test:

Industrial tablet computers are mostly used in industrial and outdoor dusty and watery environments, which require products to be dust-proof and waterproof. Therefore, the finished product needs to pass the industrial-grade IP67 waterproof and waterproof test to ensure the use of special application scenarios.

3: Wide temperature running test:

Because the industrial tablet computer will be used in harsh environments such as high and low temperature, dusty, watery, and oily stains, after the product has passed the controllable high temperature, constant temperature and humidity test, the performance is more stable in the harsh environment.

4: ESD anti-static test:

By checking the electrostatic test of 6KV contacting the interface end one by one, to ensure whether each interface end can be powered on, so as to ensure the normal operation of the whole product.

5: Vibration test, horizontal drop test:

A qualified industrial tablet computer will also undergo simulated car vibration and drop tests, which can not only avoid product damage caused by collision during transportation, but also prevent product damage caused by falling during use.

6: Power consumption test:

After that, the qualified industrial tablet computer products will also undergo 48-hour aging test. In the aging room, all products will undergo continuous display testing for 48 hours after starting up, and real-time data recording will be performed to ensure that each finished product is qualified. Use the standard and achieve the purpose of reducing the production defect rate