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Fan -free industrial tablet crash cause


Fan -free industrial tablet crash cause

Due to the many advantages of non -fan industrial tablet computers, it has widely used in the industrial industry, then every friend who uses a fan -free industrial tablet computer in this use has encountered more or less. Hai Gaole engineer lists common crashes for your reference:

1. Poor industrial main board, poor card contact leads to loosening, or the slot on the industrial motherboard is broken, or the accessories such as graphics cards, memory, etc. are bad, resulting in not bright industrial display.

2. The overclocking is over fire, sometimes the industrial display is not bright, sometimes it crashes after entering the system. In severe cases, the CPU is burned out.

3. The ups and downs of the equipment voltage is too large, causing the industrial main board and the current of the card to be large or small, and sometimes damage the hardware. Therefore, it is important to choose a power supply that can achieve overvoltage protection, or add a stabilizer.

4. The booting of the fan -free industrial tablet computer only heard the single sound of "di, di". It may be the problem of memory. Try it in a slot. If it is still not possible, it may be damaged.

5. The virus causes a fanless industrial tablet to crash.

6. Windows7 and 8 systems (Win10 systems can be disconnected) need to take part of the hard disk as a virtual memory. The remaining space of the hard disk is too small, which will also lead to the fascism -free fan industrial tablet crash.

7. If the industrial host is running normally and there is a sound of hard disk operation, but the industrial display is not bright, it may be that the industrial display is broken, or the industrial display signal line is not well exposed or bad, or the power supply of the industrial display may not be inserted.

8. Operating software conflicts with each other, such as 32 -bit and 64 -bit software can cause crash at the same time.

9. System System and other subdirectory files .Dll is lost, causing the Windows system to be paralyzed.

10. The machine runs too slowly, causing the illusion of crash.

11. The bug of the plate -free fan industrial tablet software causes crash.

12. When a fan -free industrial tablet computer is connected to the Internet, hackers invade, resulting in crashes.

13. The system registry information was modified by error, resulting in the Windows system that cannot be started.

The above are some problems commonly used in the daily use process of fan -free industrial tablets. When faulty, you can first make a simple investigation problem. For some simple problems, you can generally solve it by yourself. Or check the solution online. When you have a learning opportunity, you can't solve it yourself. You can only find manufacturers engineers to assist or return directly to the factory for repair.