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Classification of Windows system


Classification of Windows system

Microsoft Windows (Chinese translation: window operating system) is a series of operating systems launched by Microsoft. This operating system can run on several different types of platforms, such as personal computers (PCs), mobile devices, server (Server), and embedded systems. Among them, it is most common in applications in the field of personal computers. The latest version of the Windows system is Windows11.

I believe that most people use computers, install Windows system! So what version can you distinguish between installation? Where is the difference between each version? Windows classification method is as follows:

(1): Based on the release of the release: Needless to say, today's use of Windows XP, Windows7 Windows8, Windows 10, Windows11.

(2): According to the number of bits that match the CPU: 32 -bit system, 64 -bit system.

(3): According to industry objects: home version, education version, professional version, enterprise version, flagship version.

(4 :) According to the nature of use: desktop version, server version

Summary: The higher the version, the stronger the function and stability, but the higher the requirements for hardware. The 64 -bit phase is better for 32 bits, but the requirements are above 4G memory, and the CPU is 64 -bit, so that the performance of the computer can be used. It should be noted that the installation application software must also be 64 -bit. Personal or home computers are installed and based on desktops. The server version refers to Windows Server. It is used in the company's local area network to store data and manage the LAN.

So how to check which classification standards for your computer installation? On the desktop, right -click "Computer" and click "Properties". The industrial flats produced by Higole use the pre -installed Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems of the Inter Inter Inter with the X86 architecture. Can meet all the needs in the market.