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What is the three -anti -tablet computer terminal?


What is the three -anti -tablet computer terminal?

The three -anti -tablet computer terminal refers to an industrial -grade tablet with earthquake resistance, anti -drop, waterproof and moisture -proof, with a certain impact resistance to moisture -proof and anti -pollution, so it is also called the three -proof tablet. IP68 levels, and the common market in the market is IP65, which can basically meet the application requirements.

What is the difference between the three anti -tablet terminals and the average tablet? The role of consumer tablets is getting stronger and stronger, and even the cost costs have decreased sharply, but the price of the three -anti -tablet terminal is not low. Why use the Sanji tablet?

1. Insufficient anti -risk ability of consumer tablets. In some difficult applications, such as easy falling, high humidity of the air, and serious smoke, etc., the period of use will be greatly reduced. From the perspective of long -term, the cost is higher.

2. Insufficient reliability of consumer tablets will affect productivity, and the entry threshold for the consumer tablet market is low and the technology is mature. Therefore No guarantee.

3. Strong three -proof plates can expand a variety of unique effects, such as wet hands touch, glue gloves, Beidou high -precision and precise positioning, etc., you can choose the scanner head, RFID, NFC, identity documents, fingerprint recognition of the Ministry of Public Security, etc. Various unique control modules, all of which do not have the consumer tablet, and due to their unique performance, these sexual stable performance must be available in some industries to ensure the effective operation of production activities.

What are the applications generally?

Stub -bearing computers are widely used in smart workshops, service robots, smart logistics, deep -sea ships, outdoor inspection, satellite communication, pipeline testing, cultural education, diagnosis and treatment, unmanned aircraft manipulation, customs inspection, car repair, freight logistics, petroleum exploration , Surveying and mapping engineering, visual recognition system, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, aerospace and other industries.

For example, during the entire process of oil exploration and pipeline accurate measurement, Chinese petroleum often generally appears firmly flat manipulation terminals. The first is to collect and transmit data, and the other is to help the car navigation positioning and complete the remote management of the staff.

For example, motor vehicle testing is a manipulating terminal with a colorful API interface that can quickly analyze the car failure. It also applies to real -time data interaction, connects the cloud service platform of key car companies, quickly access the database, accurately analyzes different models of vehicles, and provides maintenance solutions for fast maintenance to accurately find problems.