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What is the difference between wifi2.4g and 5.0G


What is the difference between wifi2.4g and 5.0G

There are main differences between attributes and functions between the two. In terms of attributes, 5G WIFI refers to the fifth -generation WiFi technology, which can also be called 802.11ac, 2.4G refers to 802.11n, so it is called 2.4G WIFI; in terms of functions, the 2.4G frequency band has good wall -to -wall, but however It is easy to be disturbed, the transmission bandwidth is low, the 5G interference is small, the bandwidth is relatively large, and the stability is good. The following is a detailed introduction:

The difference between 2.4G and 5G WiFi of the router is mainly reflected in three aspects: frequency, coverage, and transmission speed. 2.4G WiFi signal frequency is low, the coverage range is relatively large, and the transmission speed is relatively slow; the 5G WiFi signal frequency is relatively wide, the signal coverage is relatively small, and the transmission speed is fast. The specific difference between the two is as follows:

1. In terms of attributes, the so -called 5G wireless WIFI can also be called 802.11ac, which refers to the fifth -generation wireless WIFI transmission technology, and runs in the 5GHz wireless radio frequency band; 2.4G refers to 802.11n, because it works in 2.4GHz In the frequency band, it is also called 2.4G WiFi; the 2.4GHz frequency band is more common, with a maximum speed of 450m, and it is easy to be disturbed. The 5GHz frequency band has fewer devices, so the interference is less.

2. In terms of functions, 2.4G frequency bands are relatively common. Generally, mobile phones and unlimited network cards are supported. Although the wall is good, it is easy to be disturbed and the transmission bandwidth is relatively low. 5G is the WiFi frequency band that has emerged in recent years. Less and less interference. 5G belongs to high -frequency letter frequency bands, with large bandwidth and good stability. There will be no channel crowded and outer intrastics when connecting multiple unlimited devices, but it has poor walltability.

3. In terms of equipment, the dual -frequency wireless router can work at the same time in 2.4G and 5G mode, but single -frequency wireless routers can only work in 2.4G mode.

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