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Touch screen all -in -one computer installation step and method


Touch screen all -in -one computer installation step and method

Compared with other advertising machines and displays, the advantages of touching machines are convenient and convenient to use. It is mainly because its host and display have no separation structure. It can be started with only one power cord, so it is more convenient to install the touch screen computer, which is very suitable for use in public places. Secondly, the touch -in -one machine does not require complex operating mouse program and keyboard input, and even people who do not know how to use the computer can easily operate.

1. Touch screen part -pass computer installation step

1. Put the fuselage in a smooth place and accurately embed the body into the body.

2. On the screw, spin the screws into each hole, and confirm whether it is tightened.

3. In front of the screen of the cleaning and touch all -in -one, stop using the device and unplugged the power plug to ensure that the equipment is in the state of power off. Do not use the spray directly on the screen.

4. Touch screens should always be cleaned. For example, there are dust dirt on the outside, scrubbing with towels or softer items, and advocating the use of cleaning the glass without corrosion.

Second, touch all -in -one machine precautions:

1. Due to the use of public places in public places, unstable voltage may cause equipment damage. It is recommended to use a stable municipal power, and you must not use a power supply with high -power devices such as elevators.

2. Put the touch -in -one machine in an environment of ventilation, dryness, and direct light, do not let the equipment suffer from rain and humidity; leave 250px more than 250px around the equipment. In order to ensure normal operation, the continuous switching time should not be It is less than 10 seconds. When using in the environment next to the swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen, please pay special attention.

3. Do not place the touch all -in -one equipment in a sealed place, or cover the equipment, block the ventilation hole of the equipment, to prevent the temperature in the box from being too high in the box.

4. Before connecting the power supply, you must check whether the host, display, and touch screen are good. Admit that the power can be turned on before you admit it.

5. Please use the installation and accessories specified by the manufacturer. Avoid stepping or clamping AC power cords, plugs or power adapters.

6. Please do not disassemble or repair the touch -in -one machine by yourself to avoid high -voltage electric shock or other dangers. Professional maintenance personnel should be requested to complete all maintenance work.

7. Unplug the power plug of the machine during thunderous rain or for a long time. During the transportation and use process, try not to touch the LCD screen as much as possible. Do not squeeze the LCD screen hard. Do not cut the weapon and hard objects, and touch the LCD screen to avoid damage to the LCD screen.

8. From a physical perspective: It integrates built -in touch frames, large -sized LCD screens, computer hosts, and supporting teaching software.

From a functional perspective: it almost includes the functions of all teaching equipment. It can also be used in the Shangxian industry, played advertisements, self -service query and other functions. Touching all -in -one, not unfamiliar products, appear next to us anytime, anywhere. In fact, it is closely related to us. Touch all -in -one machines are: query, navigation, interaction, sign -in, induction, order, queue, queue and other functions are all functions. It is often used. After the above application answers, do you think that we are all touching machines everywhere in daily life?