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Higole Industrial Control Integrated Computer Wind Farm Application


Higole Industrial Control Integrated Computer Wind Farm Application

With the large-scale construction of wind farms and the improvement of the information management level of wind power projects, wind power has increasingly become one of the important new energy sources in our daily life. At the same time, the safety management and maintenance of wind power systems also need to be upgraded. and perfect. Wind power generation facilities are generally installed in harsh environments with dust and high winds. In such an environment, using an industrial computer with a fan is likely to cause the machine to malfunction. Compared with the existing model, what customers need more is a set of reliable and professional IPC automation solutions.

Industrial Control Integrated Compute

Most wind farms are located in deserts or on the coast. In order to ensure the stable operation of the generator in harsh environments such as desert, salt fog, vibration, overheating or electrical noise, the self-protection diagnostic function of the generator is extremely important, so the on-site operator will carry out daily inspections very carefully. The timing of the daily inspection is extremely important. It requires employees to record the operation data and send the data to the back-end data center server at the first time, which will analyze the data and actively monitor the status of the generator system. In wind farms, field operators using ruggedized tablets can easily and stably establish connections with data centers for data transmission and communication. This not only reduces labor at each job site, but also saves time and costs.

The Higole wind power generation solution is based on a fanless host computer, which is connected to the PLC through an Ethernet port and the main control. It can monitor and control the working equipment on site to complete data collection and equipment control. , measurement, parameter scheduling and various signal alarms and other functions. The other Ethernet port is connected to the server in the monitoring center via the wind farm LAN, and various collection signals and control signals are transmitted to the server via the industrial Ethernet.

Higole wind power generation solution industrial control all-in-one computer adopts embedded low-power chips, and the whole board has no soft connection planning, and the reliability of the solution is doubled. Support wide temperature work, can withstand high-level seismic shock resistance. The dedicated industrial computer can actively detect network conditions and actively adjust the storage strategy of collected data. When the network of the upper database is interrupted, the collected data is stored locally and recorded in the upper database. The amount of stored data can reach 250G. In addition, the network communication processor does not need programming. It only needs to select the corresponding driver according to the type of the lower-level equipment, and perform simple parameter configuration. It can not only complete the functions of data collection, temporary storage and resume transmission, but also be compatible with more than 100 kinds of systems.