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Why Use Handheld Tablet Computers in Power Line Inspection


Why Use Handheld Tablet Computers in Power Line Inspection

Power line inspection management is a basic work to effectively ensure the safety of transmission and distribution (transformation) lines and their equipment. Through patrol inspection, we can grasp the changes of line operation and surrounding environment, discover equipment defects and hidden dangers endangering line safety, and propose specific maintenance contents to ensure the safety of transmission and distribution (transformation) lines and the stability of the power system. With the development of detection technology, the application of handheld reinforced tablet detection terminals quickly improves the efficiency and safety of power inspection.

 Handheld Tablet Computers

1. Power inspection management system

The management system can realize the comprehensive management of power inspection work, including inspection equipment ledger management, inspection plan formulation, inspection task assignment, inspection defect recording, inspection information statistical analysis, inspection result report output and other functions.

The management system adopts the WYSIWYG data processing method, which can be operated in the form of graphics, tree view or list, and supports the power information management function of the handheld reinforced industrial tablet point installation of graphic data import. Rich layer management and symbol rendering functions can easily browse, query and edit the location data and attribute data of transmission lines.

The management system realizes data synchronization with the mobile handheld ruggedized tablet computer terminal through 4G/5G wireless communication, and receives and records the inspection trajectory data of the mobile handheld ruggedized tablet computer terminal in real time. The management center monitors the work track of the inspectors in real time in the form of graphic browsing, and can play back the work track of the inspection in the time axis.

2. Power inspection system software

According to the predetermined inspection path, the power inspection personnel hold the data collector of the reinforced tablet computer, and carry out the line inspection work according to the graphic navigation reminder of the power inspection system software. Check the inspection site item by item according to the content of the inspection plan, fill in the inspection record or defect report, and upload the inspection data to the management center in real time.

The standardized workflow, preset defect library management, real-time inspection data upload and other modes adopted by the inspection software can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of line inspection.

The inspection software adopts the method of map navigation, presets the trajectory of the inspection path, and sets the reminder function of the inspection task, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of insufficient inspection and missed inspection.

3. Power inspection mobile handheld ruggedized tablet terminal

The Higole's industrial-grade handheld ruggedized tablet data collector integrates GPS/BD2, 4G/5G communication, camera, RFID, WIFI, Bluetooth and other functions, with professional outdoor display screens and large-capacity lithium batteries customized for industry applications, especially It can meet the application requirements of mobile handheld ruggedized tablet computer terminals for inspection in the power industry.