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Application case of strong industrial tablet computer in intelligent detection of mining machinery


Application case of strong industrial tablet computer in intelligent detection of mining machinery

Most mining vehicles are diesel vehicles. In many mining areas, diesel vehicle manufacturers conduct fault detection on vehicles. However, due to the scattered operation of vehicles, detection is very difficult. Vehicle fault detection is also a very important step in vehicle maintenance. It can read vehicle fault codes, clear fault codes, read vehicle engine data, and parse the data in combination with the corresponding car brand. Therefore, the portable vehicle intelligent detection system can quickly read the data stream of the faulty vehicle through the OBD interface on the vehicle, determine the fault content of the vehicle, and carry out maintenance judgment, saving a lot of investigation time.

 vehicle-mounted rugged tablet computer

The intelligent detection system for mining vehicles can identify and classify different models through the connection with diesel vehicle manufacturers and use the CAN module integrated in the reinforced tablet computer to automatically obtain the data stream broadcast by the vehicle, detect the baud rate of the vehicle, and obtain the corresponding Standard frame or extended frame bytes. Combined with the setting and coding functions of different manufacturers, read the data of the vehicle's speed, fuel consumption, lighting, hydraulic pressure, voltage, etc. to determine the vehicle's running status.

Due to its characteristics, the vehicle-mounted rugged tablet computer is very suitable for both vehicle-mounted and portable use. Usually, this tablet only uses a 10.1-inch high-resolution display, a multi-point capacitive touch screen, and a surface tempered glass with a hardness of up to 7H. Onboard high-performance multi-core processor, 4G/64G high-speed memory chip, support Android7 or above operating system. Integrated CAN and 4G modules, can be connected to the vehicle OBD interface to obtain vehicle data, and quickly determine the vehicle status through the system application software. At the same time, the tablet computer also reserves RFID, GPSBD, 2D and other code scanning modules and custom cases to facilitate customers to customize basic functions.

In the actual use process of the three-proof tablet computer, the difficulty of centralized detection of traditional automobiles is greatly reduced. The large-capacity battery of more than 12,000 mAh and the battery can be replaced in the middle, which supports the ultra-long battery life of the smart terminal. It can also be charged by the vehicle engine when in the car, so it can be used for outdoor long-distance operations. The three-proof reinforcement design of the fuselage ensures that the equipment itself will not be damaged when it falls below 1.2 meters or in the case of long-term vibration.