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Design of application platform for industrial tablet computer of Higole track inspection instrument


Design of application platform for industrial tablet computer of Higole track inspection instrument

As an important member of the current track inspection equipment, the track inspection instrument has been widely used in the maintenance and repair of the track in my country. However, the existing rail detectors are no longer suitable for the development requirements of rail detectors due to their high-cost data processing terminals and wired serial connections between upper and lower computers that limit the operating range. The popularization and application of track maintenance and repair work to improve the operational portability of the track inspection instrument.

handheld industrial tablet

Rail detector system based on industrial flat panel application platform. The ruggedized industrial tablet computer is used as the data processing terminal of the upper computer, and the mature Bluetooth technology is used as the communication scheme to replace the original wired serial communication scheme, so as to realize the mobile and portable collection of track geometric parameter data.

Based on the development process of the rail detector on the industrial tablet application platform, the new rail detector still adopts the mechanical structure of the prototype rail detector. The hardware circuit of the original rail detector is partially improved, and the Bluetooth serial port module is added to achieve the conversion between serial data and Bluetooth data. Purpose, for the development process of the application software of the new rail detector system, our solution is to analyze the functional modules of the entire application program and design the application through the framework of the Android operating platform and a series of working mechanisms, as well as the establishment of the Android development environment. Program framework. The development of system application software is divided into the design of multiple functional modules.

User interface design, realization of device search, pairing, connection and data transmission and reception of Bluetooth module under the Android operating system of Higole handheld industrial tablet computer, realization of two calibration methods of track detector on-site and file, analysis of track geometric parameter data Processing, real-time curve description of track geometry parameter data changes and data file saving.

In the actual application process, the prototype of the track detector of Higole's handheld industrial tablet application platform was used to make the prototype. The prototype was calibrated on the calibration table, and the prototype was tested on the actual track. The curve comparison of the test results and the linear correlation analysis results show that the track detector based on the industrial flat-panel application platform can stably and reliably realize the inspection of track geometric parameters, and has good operability, simplifying the system, reducing development costs, and improving portability.