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How to choose a suitable car tablet?


How to choose a suitable car tablet?

How to choose a car tablet? Applicable to forklifts, trucks, cranes, excavation and forklift construction vehicles For traditional forklifts, trucks, cranes, excavation, forklifts and other construction vehicles, the distribution of rights and responsibilities that may exist in the management process is unclear, on-site safety control is difficult, deployment is not easy, monitoring Ineffective, lack of unified management of forklift data, such as working hours statistics, work efficiency, GPS Beidou positioning and other issues, Higole engineers will summarize how to choose a vehicle-mounted tablet computer?

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1. The hardware configuration comes with the software: do you choose Android or Windows for the car tablet? How big is the memory? The configuration of the CPU is mainly determined according to the requirements of the software.

2. The power supply method should be considered: Industrial vehicle-mounted tablet computers generally use DC power supply, and the power supply voltage ranges from 5V-24V, while the voltages on forklifts, excavators, forklifts, and cranes range from 36-110V, respectively. The voltage quality of the computer's work should be paid special attention to when choosing an industrial vehicle-mounted tablet computer.

3. The fixing method should be selected well: there is basically no large plane on the forklift, excavator, forklift and crane to prevent the on-board industrial computer. It is often necessary to use the support points such as poles on the vehicle space to fix the industrial forklift on-board tablet computer. Choose a better bearing support point to fix. For example, our Qianhai Gaole Industrial Vehicle-mounted Tablet PC supports wall-mounted, hanging, VESA and other fixing methods.

With the changes in the market, in order to meet the needs of customers, Higole, as a professional manufacturer of industrial tablet computer solutions, has launched a portable vehicle-mounted tablet computer according to the industry problems in the vehicle-mounted tablet market. This portable vehicle-mounted tablet can usually be disassembled for independent operation, and can also be placed in a matching vehicle-mounted bracket to realize vehicle-mounted functions, and its performance advantages are more prominent. Two different application methods fully meet the needs of the entire car computer market.