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Introduction of Vehicle Forklift Industrial Tablet PC


Introduction of Vehicle Forklift Industrial Tablet PC

At present, the application of the on-board forklift industrial tablet computer in various on-board vehicle industries is very complete, such as the application on the numerical control display of the automatic three-dimensional warehouse, the application on the storage forklift, and the application on the warehouse entry and exit lines. The integrated design of the screen provides the operator with a human-computer interaction touch interface that he can touch.

 Vehicle Forklift Industrial Tablet PC

When applied on the engineering forklift, the WiFi interface on the F7G industrial tablet can establish real-time communication and data interaction with the back-end center. The benefits of doing so are: timely update of the product data, convenient and fast finding of the goods and delivery to the accurate location, great Shorten the time to find goods, improve work efficiency, reduce work costs, and improve the accuracy of material transportation.

Higole F7G is an x86 multi-core 10.1-inch widescreen capacitive touch-type fanless industrial panel computer, using a stable N4120 quad-core processor, in addition to a solid die-casting integrated shell, it can also achieve IP67 waterproof and anti- Contact 8Kv EMI. It adopts industrial standard LAN, RJ45, USB, serial port and other multiple interfaces, which greatly conforms to the application of the vehicle industry, and can carry out modular expansion, 4G and WiFi functions, plus embedded panel, VESA and detachable vehicle mounts are flexible The installation method is suitable for industrial sites, ports and outdoor application environments such as materials, forklifts, and on-site inspections.