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AGV Forklift Vehicle Tablet PC Introduction


AGV Forklift Vehicle Tablet PC Introduction

Forklift drivers need to pay attention to multiple PIs such as efficiency in their daily work, but currently they can only review the performance of forklift drivers during shift handover meetings. Forklift drivers cannot track their PIs in real time and make adjustments in time during the work process; in addition, Forklift drivers currently conduct various tasks such as quality problem reporting, equipment maintenance, alarm handling, and on-site work scheduling through mobile phone group chat communication, App operation, and walkie-talkie communication. data tracking.

 Vehicle Tablet PC

Based on the above demand background, it is hoped that the forklift will be equipped with a tablet computer workstation, which is fixed in a position where the forklift driver is clearly visible to the naked eye and easy to operate in the cockpit, as a unified entrance for forklift driver PI monitoring, problem reception and processing.

Industrial tablet PC body and mounting accessories (including: data cable, charger, mounting bracket, etc.)

Hardware Specification Requirements

Display: Size | 10 inches and above; touch screen | supports multi-touch and standard stylus

Working environment: working temperature | -10℃~50℃ (low temperature area) / -20℃~50℃ (non-low temperature area)

Storage temperature | -30℃~60℃ (low temperature area) / -20℃~60℃ (non-low temperature area)

Working humidity | 10%~90%

Waterproof | IP67

Dustproof | Class 6

Vibration and shock resistance | 5~19Hz/1.0mm amplitude; 19~200Hz/1.0G acceleration;

Can withstand 1.2m wooden floor, free fall; withstand high frequency, strong amplitude and long-term vibration of forklift truck

Cooling | Support 24-hour uninterrupted work

System Architecture: Processor RK3399 | 1.2GHz and above

Operating System | Android 9.0

Memory|4GB and above, Storage Space|64GB and above

Networking | Support 4G card, Bluetooth, WIFI (4G & 5G)

Input and output | Support USB, COM, headphone port

Audio | Integrated Microphone and Stereo Speakers, Supports Headphone Audio

system software:

Display | On-screen display can be set to keep the screen on and off; the screen can be turned on and off to adapt to landscape rotation

Application | Factory default comes with application market, pre-installed DingTalk, browser

Permissions | Configurable permissions for each tablet application

OS | Remote update and upgrade system OS

Cameras: Front Camera | 2MP and above; 'Rear Camera | 5MP and above

Battery | 12000mAh and above

Full battery life | 8 hours and above

Charging method | Support at least one of charging base charging or power cord charging, support USB charging, and support car power supply.