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Design of a pluggable vehicle tablet computer system


Design of a pluggable vehicle tablet computer system

With the continuous upgrading of user needs and experience, in-vehicle entertainment systems not only meet driving safety and related standards, but also provide the ultimate user perception experience. Today, with the rapid development and iteration of consumer electronics, it is particularly important to develop a product with a better experience on the basis of meeting the cost of the entire vehicle. The design of the pluggable vehicle-mounted tablet computer system, which realizes the functions of both home and vehicle modes, is a product design scheme that can be used for reference.

vehicle tablet computer

The in-vehicle multimedia system is a window for the driver to interact with the vehicle information and entertainment, and is generally arranged in the middle of the cockpit. For the whole vehicle, because it does not involve mandatory regulations, does not affect driving safety, and has a high price, the multimedia system is not a standard product, but generally appears in medium and high-end models. With the upgrade of user consumption and experience, vehicle information interaction, diversified settings and entertainment functions are regarded by most users as a must-have product. Simple ordinary radio functions cannot meet user needs.

If a pluggable mobile car multimedia tablet computer system can be developed, it can realize the functions of both home and car mode, which not only meets the user's car interaction and entertainment needs, but also can be taken home after getting off the car, improving product utilization. rate to achieve shared design. At present, vehicles with similar designs are relatively rare in domestic mass-produced vehicles, so the design scheme introduced in this article has great reference value for developers.

The system consists of a tablet computer host, a bracket, and a transfer unit. GPS antenna, steering wheel switch signal, FM/AM antenna, reversing camera, and speaker signals are connected to the transfer unit through a physical wiring harness, and the transfer unit and the bracket are connected by a wiring harness. Module signals such as wipers, lights, and door lock settings are CAN Signal. The main chip processor performs logical judgment according to the input signal, thereby controlling the content update and audio output of the 10-inch color screen.

The stand is designed with a reversible structure, that is, when the tablet computer is not in use, the stand is folded up, and when the tablet computer needs to be used, it can be flipped open through a mechanical switch to assemble the tablet computer, and has an automatic locking structure, which is firmly assembled. The tablet computer and the bracket are connected by a thimble type, the surface is gold-plated, and the contact is good through the relevant real vehicle vibration test.

This home and vehicle dual-use multimedia tablet computer system not only satisfies the assisted driving functions such as in-vehicle entertainment and reversing images, but also can be easily taken out and taken home for use, improving product utilization and realizing shared design. The design of the pluggable vehicle tablet computer system breaks the traditional fixed assembly method, and the assembly is convenient. The user interface is divided into two modes: car use and home use, and realizes seamless switching. It is an innovative design method.