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Field survey three-proof tablet PC highlights


Field survey three-proof tablet PC highlights

Qianhai Gaole F7R/F7G field survey three-proof tablet computer belongs to a special ruggedized tablet computer, which is mainly used in field survey and transportation environments. What about the highlights?

three-proof tablet PC

1. Super battery life: Field surveying three-proof tablet computers are mostly used in harsh environments. In this case, the battery has become the power source of the notebook, so the requirements for the battery are relatively large, and the three-proof tablet computer has Large-capacity battery, the battery capacity of Qianhai Gaole's three-proof tablet computer reaches 12,000 mAh, so it has a super battery life, so you don't need to worry about it. When working in the field, the problem of the battery will affect the work. Field survey three-proof tablet PC has two battery compartments, which is an advantage that other ordinary tablet PCs can't match.

Second, the keyboard is well sealed: Compared with ordinary computers, this field survey three-proof tablet computer has a sealed keyboard, so even when working outdoors, dust is not easy to enter the keyboard, and the computer will not be affected by dust. usage of. The Rugged Tablet PC uses a rubber touch keyboard with excellent sealing performance, which can effectively prevent liquid stains or dust from entering the interior of the keyboard. Qianhai Gole’s Rugged Tablet can be soaked in water for one hour without damage. It can be operated underwater. Therefore, the three-proof tablet computer has a good dustproof and waterproof effect, and there is a backlight on the keyboard, so it can be used normally even in a weak outdoor lighting environment.

3. Strong low temperature resistance: Field survey three-proof tablet computer has strong low temperature resistance, especially in field survey environment, low temperature is the biggest obstacle to the use of ordinary notebook computers, in severe cold environment, ordinary notebook computers start Using it will cause certain risks to the hard disk and data, but this serial port three-proof tablet can effectively isolate the storage inside the heating layer, so even if it is started in a cold environment, there will be no risk. exist,.

The above are the highlights of the field survey three-proof tablet PC that Qianhai Gaole Xiaobian shared with you. It is precisely because of these highlights that this product is very popular and is often used in harsh environments.