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Industrial tablet computer in MES production case


Industrial tablet computer in MES production case

   MES aims to strengthen the execution function of the MRP plan, and link the MRP plan with the on-site control of the workshop operation through the execution system. The on-site control here includes PLC program controller, data collector, bar code, various measuring and testing instruments, manipulator, etc. MES has set up the necessary interfaces and established cooperative relationships with manufacturers that provide on-site control facilities. In the past, many manufacturing companies in China relied too much on manpower for their industrial production. However, this would lead to incomplete and reliable information in the data collection process. The phenomenon of low sexuality occurs, and it is an urgent matter for enterprises to use MES in order to build a better enterprise. Industrial tablet computers combine with MES systems to efficiently solve various problems in production.

MES Industrial Tablet PC

   According to the characteristics of MES itself, it puts forward several requirements for industrial tablet computers: 1. Industrial tablet computers have multiple network ports, multiple USB ports, and multiple com ports. This is to meet the access of different devices and the tablet computer There will be no lagging phenomenon. 2. There must be a watchdog to achieve precise control of time. 3. To be able to realize electronic kanban management. 4. The data collection must be accurate, and automatic collection and automatic release can be realized. 5. The industrial tablet computer must be able to perform wireless data transmission. 6. It can be embedded installation or bracket installation.

   The above is the specification requirements of MES for the performance and functions of industrial tablet PCs. For the previous Higole designed a series of high-performance industrial tablet FXX series, where XX represents the size of the tablet (the main size is 7/8 /10.1/12/15.6/21.5), this is mainly to customize the size according to customer needs, and there is not much difference in the specifications and configurations in other aspects.

   In actual production and application sites, most manufacturing companies use dedicated MES. This type of MES uses industrial Ethernet, Profibus fieldbus, industrial tablet computers, LED displays, radio frequency identification, and barcodes. Recognition and other technologies can realize the data collection and control of various processing equipment, and carry out information release through the LED display screen to realize the functions of quality control, material pulling, information release and operation guidance of the assembly process. For this type of MES, the most important thing is the industrial panel computer. It is the most important part of the integrated system in the entire system. Therefore, the requirements for industrial panel computers are relatively high, so as to achieve what the enterprise wants. effect.