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Industrial tablet customization advantages


Industrial tablet customization advantages

The customization of industrial tablet computers is to evaluate the computer in application scenarios according to the needs of customers. According to the needs of users, it can carry out I/O data exchange interface, CPU, memory, hard disk, graphics card, sound card, shell, size, Customized design of multi-directional performance such as protection, dustproof and waterproof, display effect and module integration. Industrial tablet computers are different from ordinary commercial computers. Customized rugged industrial tablet computers have diverse characteristics due to the use environment, installation methods, and external equipment in the industrial scene. This requires that they need to meet the variability of functions to reach users. Demand.

Industrial tablet customization

1. Customized advantages of industrial tablet PCs, high efficiency and stability, and rich interfaces: Industrial tablet PCs consist of a host screen and an all-in-one machine. Its advantage lies in the stability of performance. The industrial tablet computer has a compact overall structure and a scientific and professional heat dissipation design. At the same time focus on CPU technology to enable users to experience better CPU computing/image performance and lower power consumption. Abundant extended functions are also one of the indispensable requirements when choosing an industrial panel computer. When meeting different applications, it can provide multiple options for miniPCIe, PCI and PCIe standard expansion cards. Through this flexible design, users can expand the fieldbus card to achieve communication between devices.

2. IP65-67 protection standard, no fear of harsh environments: Industrial tablet computers are mainly used in complex and harsh operating environments. The equipment itself is required to have good three-proof functions, waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, and provide users with IP65 grades Waterproof and dustproof front panel.

3. Industrial tablet PC companies can customize services: When choosing an industrial tablet, even if the standardized tablet has a good modular design and good performance, the needs of users are constantly changing and growing. Sometimes standard products still cannot meet the needs of users. At this time, professional manufacturers and services are needed to alleviate customers' troubles. With its professional technical capabilities and R&D advantages, Daxier provides customers with advanced innovative technologies and competitive solutions and products, quickly turning customers' ideas into feasible solutions.

When customizing industrial tablet PCs, Higole industrial tablet PC manufacturers will pay more attention to stability in different environments, dustproof, waterproof, humidity, temperature and long-term use time. Moreover, industrial tablet PCs can be used in factories, warehouses, and conditions. Stable and normal operation in harsh environments provides convenience for everyone and improves work efficiency. With the rapid development of various industries, ordinary industrial panel computers have long been unable to meet the needs of use, and the demand for OEM/ODM customization of industrial panel computers has also increased.