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Industrial tablet computer in the mine special vehicle command system program


Industrial tablet computer in the mine special vehicle command system program

With the development of industrial technology, human demand for resources and the development of minerals have begun to develop in the direction of space, deep sea, and the center of the earth. In the process of exploration and collection of mineral resources, there are many uncertain factors due to the large mining area, wide distribution of unloading points, and complex topography. The scheduling and management of mining and transportation fleets has long been a difficult problem to solve. With the gradual recession of the stope, the mining conditions are becoming more and more, the transportation distance increases, and the cycle increases, so that the transportation operation cost, which is already a high operation cost, rises. Transportation vehicles are the main production equipment, which occupies a large share of management costs and maintenance and repair costs. Therefore, information-based vehicle scheduling and vehicle management are the top priorities of mine operations.

Industrial tablet computer

Facing the problems in the actual operation process, how to solve the smart mining vehicle command system to adapt to the continuous changes in the mining production process, Higole provides a special industrial tablet computer for the mining vehicle command system according to the demand. The IP67 level of the whole machine can be in the harsh Stable operation under terrain, vibration and dust environment, can be used outdoors all-weather, using Android system, support network ADB remote program upgrade, internal integration of various communication modules such as GPS, 4G, CAN and air pressure sensor, in actual use, the driver can monitor in real time Vehicle conditions such as location, fuel consumption, and vehicle speed, through intelligent intercom with the dispatch center, complete a series of efficient operation arrangements.

The application of this special industrial tablet computer can realize real-time optimal scheduling of mining and transportation equipment such as trucks, power shovels, excavators, etc., under the condition of a certain number of equipment, and automatically and timely arrange the production operations of mining equipment in universities to optimize the management of the mine production process ,Increase production. Use the high-precision Beidou positioning technology of the special industrial tablet computer of the vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal to locate the operating vehicle, transfer the vehicle information to the dispatching room through the 4G private network, calculate the transportation distance of the vehicle, ensure the mutual balance of the vehicle distance, and provide speeding Alarm, stop alarm. It does not run various alarm information such as alarms according to scheduling instructions, thereby reducing equipment investment and reducing consumption or increasing equipment investment to solve production bottlenecks and improve work efficiency.

Higole's special vehicle-mounted industrial tablet computer is equipped with various interfaces. The shell of the whole machine is formed by reinforced die-casting and reaches IP67 protection level. Onboard Rockchip RK3399 high-performance processor, onboard 4+64G, the whole machine can run stably in harsh terrain, vibration and dust environment, pre-installed Android 9.0 system, support network remote program upgrade, internal integrated GPS, 4G , CAN and air pressure sensor and other communication modules. The body is waterproof and anti-vibration, and can operate stably in harsh terrain, vibration and dust environments.