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Industrial tablet computer factory assembly line electronic scale case


Industrial tablet computer factory assembly line electronic scale case

Many factories have an electronic scale at the final packaging position of the assembly line. The main purpose of the electronic scale is to assemble the packaged finished products to ensure that there may be errors in the upstream positions when packing materials. Therefore, the industrial tablet computer factory assembly line electronic It is well applied.

Industrial tablet computer factory

The usual practice is to embed a touch-screen industrial tablet computer in the electronic scale at the end of the assembly line, which can realize a large number of advanced functions that cannot be achieved by ordinary electronic scales. Such as: save a large amount of weighing data, print barcode QR code, percentage of qualified rate, total qualified weight, NG total and ratio are intuitively reflected, quick search function, input product directly pops up the desired product, easy to find, and can Graphics, records, large screen mode, and save the database Automatically generate excel tables that can be exported through U disk at any time, multi-language switching, large-capacity recipe ingredient management, assembly line operator and administrator settings, and management authority settings management, direct view Optimized graphics operations for a more customer-friendly experience. Powerful, expandable and so on.

Intelligent industrial flat scale all-in-one machine with OMS intelligent weighing system. The industrial tablet computer has reserved standard interface, which is convenient for data management. It can communicate with PC and other intelligent devices and network, realize centralized control of multiple checkweighers by one computer/man-machine interface, and provide the function of restoring factory parameter settings. Paperless work flow can shorten the working hours and reduce the error rate for you; more extensive applicability, can provide customized services according to actual needs.