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Analysis of the use of vehicle-mounted tablet computers in the warehousing and logistics industry


Analysis of the use of vehicle-mounted tablet computers in the warehousing and logistics industry

In warehousing and logistics engineering operations, common engineering vehicles include VNA narrow-aisle forklifts, driverless AGV forklifts, electric pallet trucks, stackers, reach forklifts, tractors, and industry-specific vehicles. With the promotion of the promotion action, many forklifts are equipped with Qianhai Gaole industrial tablet computer all-in-one touch screen and RFID intelligent reading module to realize intelligent sensing of in-out and out-of-warehouse operations.

 vehicle-mounted tablet computers

1. The touch screen protection performance of the industrial tablet computer all-in-one machine is better. In-vehicle applications are scenarios with high vibration, wide high and low temperature ranges, and high humidity. Tablet PCs must have good three-proof reinforcement performance.

2. The screen must be fully fitted with the process design. The forklifts working in the cold storage and freezer are constantly moving, and the ambient temperature is also changing drastically. The change of temperature difference will cause the air inside the touch screen to condense into water vapor. Therefore, Yanwei engineers suggest that the cold storage low-temperature industrial on-board computer and freezer forklift The touch screen of the dedicated three-proof reinforced tablet computer must adopt a full-fit design.

3. Forklifts, excavators, forklifts, and cranes basically do not have a large plane to prevent the on-board industrial computer all-in-one machine. It is often necessary to use support points such as poles on the vehicle space to fix the industrial forklift on-board tablet computer terminal all-in-one machine. You need to choose Better bearing capacity support points to fix. For example, our vehicle-mounted all-in-one computer supports wall-mounted, hanging, VESA and other fixing methods.

At present, the application of the on-board forklift industrial tablet computer in various on-board vehicle industries is very complete, such as the application on the numerical control display of the automatic three-dimensional warehouse, the application on the storage forklift, and the warehouse entry and exit lines, used in industrial carts, forklifts, medical Through the integrated design of the host and the touchable high-definition display screen, it provides the operator with a human-computer interaction touch interface that can be touched.