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The application prospect of NFC industrial tablet computer in the field of security


The application prospect of NFC industrial tablet computer in the field of security

With the development of electronic data technology, NFC has become more and more widely used in the industry. NFC was first used in the security industry. In the past year or two, NFC can be said to have shined, gradually entering people's lives, in access control, public transportation, mobile phones, etc. Payments, electronic bracelets, smart tablets and other fields have completely changed people's way of life. With the help of NFC technology, handheld smart terminal tablet computers can "touch" almost everything, which will bring a more three-dimensional connection with the real world to the mobile Internet based on handheld mobile terminals, and open up more business exchanges.

Before face recognition technology, access control systems were closely related to NFC in the security industry. At present, the integration of NFC technology and access control system is mainly reflected in hardware and software. In terms of hardware, by upgrading the identification front end (ie card reader) of the access control system, an NFC chip is required on the read head/lock head of the access control. When it senses NFC information, the NFC chip will release a password to the front end of the access control system for reading. Card reader, then control the electronic motor, let the electronic motor open or close the door lock; in terms of software, you should also consider making full use of the characteristics of NFC, write the NFC access control instructions into the mobile phone, and realize the air authorization of the access control authority and the mobile phone dialing. Door opening, appointment visit, access control information query, mobile phone arming and disarming and other functions. The advantage of NFC-based access control system is that the cardholder is more convenient to carry and the information is more secure, and NFC technology can realize more personalized functions through the mobile phone APP.

In addition to the application in access control products, NFC is also used in some specific fields, such as the patrol tasks of police and security personnel, and can also be inspected and patrolled through NFC technology. Through NFC technology, patrol personnel can swipe in the corresponding sensing area on the mobile device supporting NFC handheld industrial tablet computer, or directly detect the ID information of suspicious persons, and directly investigate the relevant information through the network information platform, so as to achieve mobile inspection. , the purpose of recording the inspection time and trajectory. Greatly improve the efficiency and security level.

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