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What are the elements of custom industrial tablet PCs


What are the elements of custom industrial tablet PCs

Customized industrial panel PCs can meet different production applications and management applications. What are the elements of custom industrial tablet PCs? Below, Higole Technology Co., Ltd. will give you a simple introduction to the customization of industrial tablet computers.

1. Modular customization. The functions to be realized by industrial panel PCs in different industrial sites are also different. Industrial computer manufacturers can customize modularization according to the actual needs of different industrial sites. For example, different I/O interfaces, CPUs and expansion slots can be configured to achieve Perfect fit of product and market. Modular customized industrial panel PCs have great advantages in follow-up maintenance. Save labor and save costs.

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Second, the appearance needs customization. One aspect is the size of the product, the appearance of the product, the color matching, and the installation method of the product application environment. On the other hand is the internal structure of the product, the mold design of the product, the development structure, etc. In practical applications, different customers in different industries have very different internal and external design requirements for products.

3. Basic requirements customization. In addition to meeting the practical application requirements of the industrial field, it is also necessary to meet the system upgrade, customization of peripheral interfaces, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to understand the customer's OEM requirements (LOGO, packaging, etc.). Numerous I/O interfaces are convenient for users to better improve the use efficiency and effect of the equipment during use. The customized LOGO can also enhance the brand and cultural soft power of sales customers.

Fourth, the scene differentiation customization. Industrial tablet PC has the characteristics of sturdiness, shock-proof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, high temperature resistance, multi-slot and easy expansion. It is the best platform for various industrial control, traffic control, environmental protection control and other automation applications. With rich experience and product resources, in the process of realizing many customized needs of customers, a customized service team with excellent design and development capabilities has been established, which can quickly transform customers' ideas and needs into practical solutions.

Customized industrial tablet PCs can not only greatly improve the differentiation of industrial tablet PCs, but also better meet the individual needs of customers, while increasing customer experience and bringing the added value of industrial tablet PCs. . The future development trend of the industrial tablet computer market is towards industry-oriented customization. As a well-known industrial tablet computer brand company in Shenzhen,Higole provides users with differentiated customized services